Athena Metal Trellis

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Athena Metal Trellis

The Athena Metal Trellis is a beautiful abstract style design that comes with four holes designed for mounting in any desired location! The flat panel looks great as wall art inside our outside of your home. 

We can easily remove the holes if you have other plans for the panel. The Athena Metal Trellis can be placed in any garden or flower bed for artistic appeal and style. The steel panel will give your plants optimal support if this is your goal. It can also be used as basic garden or yard art. Ground stakes can be added, this will give your panel the ability to be transported to any location along with lasting support.

Many customers choose to transform the Athena Metal Trellis into a privacy screen, divider for living/bathrooms, and much more. Landscapers have mounted these panels on monuments in state parks, they've even been hung from ceilings throughout homes. The possibilities are endless on its use.

The Athena Metal Trellis is constructed of .14 gauge mild steel, cut on our CNC table with complete accuracy and precision. We grind the panels by hand and give the steel a smooth finish. It's carefully packaged and shipped to your destination of choice.

Need a custom size? Please contact us at for information regarding sizes. We'll will respond with answers ASAP. Please be aware that larger sizes may result in freight shipping. We provide Free Shipping on all standard shop sizes along with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 




• These Metal Trellis Designs have several uses!

1. Free-Standing Metal Trellis (With Ground Stakes)

- Ideal for gardens, yard art, flower beds, lawns, and vine growth.

2. Wall Art (With Holes Included For Mounting)

- Ideal for mounting on brick homes, walls, concrete, wood and other areas for decoration.

3. Privacy Screen (With Ground Stakes)

- Ideal for those who want to add a little privacy and style to their outdoor setting.

*** Size: Please contact me if resizing is needed. Prices vary based on size.

Standard Sizes: Dimensions (inches) 53X22 - 48X20 - 36X15

Material : Steel

Thickness: 14 Gauge

Paint: No (We can quote you a price for painting)

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Proudly Made In U.S.A