Laundry Room Wall Art - Clothes Pins

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Laundry Room Wall Art  - Clothespins

This Laundry Room Wall Art piece features the word "Laundry" hanging from seven decorative clothespins. If you feel like the laundry never ends, maybe it's time you celebrate it instead!

The Laundry Room Wall Art can add style and character to your "laundry area". Many people push the laundry room aside when it comes to decorating. This piece can make you are a loved ones laundry room stand out from the crowd. 

This Laundry Room Wall Art is the perfect gift for all occasions! The sturdy .14 gauge steel sign guarantees that you are you loved one will be getting a unique gift that will last a lifetime. After we cut the design on our state of the art CNC plasma machine, we grind the metal surface smooth with our hand tools, clean up the edges before shipping it to your door.

If you are interested in custom sizes, please email us with any questions and we'll be happy to go over them with you. Please keep in mind the the standard Laundry Room Wall Art listed below includes Free Shipping and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.




*** Size: Please contact me if resizing is needed. Prices vary based on size.

Standard Size: Dimensions (inches) 24”L X 5 W

Material : Steel 

Thickness: 14 Gauge

Paint: No

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