3 Unique Ideas For A Yard Trellis

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3 Unique Ideas For A Yard Trellis

 A trellis is a gorgeous addition to any lawn, but where to put it? A lot of them end up propped up against the fence with a lonely vine twisting its way up, and the artistic potential is totally lost.

Modern metal trellises come in endless, stunning designs that can be used in endless, stunning ways. Here we have three unique ideas for your yard trellis that will ensure maximum aesthetic value and visibility.


Garden Wall

Front Yard Trellis Ideas

Even with the most beautiful lawn and garden, it can be difficult to make your yard look stylish. A metal trellis or privacy screen can bring in the designer look you’re missing.

Separate a seating area and add some much-needed shade or create a partially-enclosed garden. Make your open front yard a bit more cozy, attractive, and private by simply adding a yard trellis garden wall.

This idea is also perfect for covering areas that detract from your beautiful landscaping. Gaps in fencing or parts of the house exterior that don’t add to the desired aesthetic can be instantly transformed into a unique and effective focal point.


Garbage Can Cubby

Trash Can - Yard Trellis Ideas

Speaking of areas that detract from your landscaping, wouldn’t you love to make those large garbage bins disappear? With a well-placed yard trellis or privacy screen, you can give those bins a little space of their own.

No more unsightly trash ruining the look of your yard. No more dragging big bins around the side of the house and hiding them from guests. 

Get the most out of your backyard entertainment area without worrying what your trash cans look like. The best part is that instead of trash, you’ll have a gorgeous designer wall that adds to the beauty of your yard.


Plant or Fountain Backdrop

Yard Fountain - Yard Trellis Ideas

If you have a focal point in your yard, like a tree, plant, or fountain, place a yard trellis just behind it to really highlight its beauty with some modern décor. Metal trellises and privacy screens contrast perfectly with your plants and stone fountains.

If you’ve ever seen a poorly-planned yard, you might be familiar with the look that something was just dropped in without any sort of design.

You might even be struggling with that look in your own yard. Using a trellis as a backdrop for your favorite yard installation creates a professionally landscaped look.



If you enjoy these looks or have your own ideas for a yard trellis but you’re not sure where to find the modern designer styles we’ve mentioned, you can view over 50 trellis designs here at our family owned business.

Ideas for yard trellis

If you try out these great ideas in your own yard, share your experience in the comments. We’d also love to hear any unique yard trellis ideas that you’ve found, created and how they've worked for you.

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