5 Garden Decoration Ideas For Fall/Winter 2020

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5 Garden Decoration Ideas For Fall/Winter 2020

When the air gets crisp, the leaves start to turn, and the seasons change from summer to fall, it’s time to replace your cheery summer yard decorations with fun, festive, fall décor.

There are so many beautiful and simple ways to bring an autumnal air to your yard. Here are five of our favorites:


Go Gourd Crazy

5 Fall Garden Decoration Tips Fall/Winter 2020


As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, there’s one gourd that we all associate with autumn—a pumpkin! Of course, there are lots of other squashes you can use for decoration, too. Head to your local farmer’s market for inspiration. Next year, grow your own pumpkins, yellow squash, acorn squash, butternut squash, or carnival squash to use in your fall garden decorations!

When decorating with gourds, it’s fun to switch it up. Don’t just rely on the tried-and-true orange pumpkins. Use pumpkins and squash of different sizes, shapes, and colors to create a dynamic and exciting display. You can cluster and stack them too create height and depth, as well.

Feeling creative? Try turning your pumpkin into a vase. Cut the top off your pumpkin and remove its insides the same way that you would prepare a jack-o-lantern. Make sure the opening is bigger than the vase you have for your flowers. Then, simply pop your vase into the pumpkin and voila! You have a fresh and floral way to decorate your garden. Try placing your pumpkin vase on a bench or on your porch steps.

Add A Quaint Bench

5 Garden Decoration Ideas For Fall/Winter 2020


Whether you’re using it as a home for your pumpkin vase or not, a bench is a great, multi-functional way to spruce up your garden. Of course, you can use it as a nice place to sit down and enjoy the view of your garden, but you can also incorporate it into your fall decorations.

If you have a pumpkin display, place different sizes of gourds on the seat of the bench, along the arms, and out in front to add visual depth and a splash of color. To make an even bigger impact, add some bright Chrysanthemums in yellow, orange, purple or red.

Want to show off your horn of plenty? Place your festive cornucopia on the seat of the bench and drape your harvest display along the bench’s arms and back. It adds height to the Thanksgiving-themed decoration and makes it more visible to passersby who want to admire your handiwork.

Pick A Wagon Planter

5 Garden Decoration Ideas For Fall/Winter 2020


For some reason, wagons feel very festive in the fall/winter more than any other seasons. Maybe it’s because it reminds us of when we were small enough to be dragged along in a wagon by our parents as we went trick-or-treating.

This autumn, use a vintage wagon as a planter to add some charm to your garden. The rustic red adds a pop of color, while the wagon itself gives your floral display some dimension. You can plant your flowers directly in the back of the wagon or keep them in planters for easier clean up.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with this arrangement! Use weathered watering cans as planters for the flowers, or opt for terracotta pots for a rustic, homey look. Stick a cute wooden sign in the dirt to add a little personalized charm.

You can also arrange some barrels (maybe filled with apples or pumpkins!) around the wagon, as well. Don’t have a wagon handy? No worries! Use an old wheelbarrow, instead.

Add Homemade Touch With A Scarecrow

5 Garden Decoration Ideas For Fall/Winter 2020


There’s no better way to get into the fall spirit than making a DIY scarecrow. Round up your little ones and go searching through the house to grab all your materials. Dig through some old clothes you’ve been meaning to donate, find some stuffing, and pick an old pillowcase to use as a face. Simply stuff the old clothes with some straw or newspaper, tie the semi-stuffed pillowcase off to make a face, and assemble! Don’t forget finishing touches, like a straw hat or a baseball cap supporting your favorite team. You can use string or ribbon for hair.

If you feel like going all out, make a scarecrow family! Have a scarecrow representing every member of your clan. It's a fun and festive fall activity to do with your partner and kids.

Rustic Metal Trellis

5 Garden Decoration Ideas For Fall/Winter 2020

A metal trellis is the perfect way to make your garden or outdoor space more beautiful and private at the same time—no matter what season it is!

For the fall, you can decorate your metal trellis with lots of luscious vines wrapped around bright autumnal flowers, like Chrysanthemums. If you grow Hydrangeas on your trellis, you’ll have the beautiful flowers in the spring and gorgeous yellow leaves in the fall. Get your hands on some mini pumpkins and nestle them in the vines to complete the look.

If it’s warm enough where you are to entertain outside in the fall, a trellis is the perfect way to add seclusion and light. String a strand of quirky Edison bulbs or white fairy lights throughout the trellis to add a twinkle to your evening festivities.

Looking for a New Privacy Trellis for Your Fall Garden Décor?

5 Garden Decoration Tips For Fall/Winter 2020

As the seasons change, it’s fun to mix up your outdoor décor. But no matter what time of the year it is, a privacy trellis is the perfect addition to your backyard or garden. Use it as a partition to protect your privacy from neighbors and people walking by or have it as an accent to your garden.

Whether you want a trellis for privacy or for art, there’s no better place to get your custom metal trellis than Coastal Metal Art and Design. We’re a small, family-owned shop that produces unique trellises for people all over the country. 

Happy Holidays!

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