Four Uses of Attractive Metal Trellis Designs

Four Uses of Attractive Metal Trellis Designs

Our metal trellis designs at Coastal Metal Art and Design are a big part of our catalog. They’re neat property additions when you want to decorate and add value to a home or investment property.

Combining a good-looking pattern with quality construction and safely condition edging, our metal trellises are a big seller.

Here are some common uses for this type of property accessory.

Interior Design: Dress Up Your Space with a Trellis

These items look great on the inside of a room. Accessorize them with hanging plants, or let the light shine through in a particular way. See some of the interior design uses of our trellises in our project gallery – and get inspired!

Windows and Other Apertures

Some customers use the metal trellis to cover a window or other opening to the outdoors. Another great way to use these products is to install them on a patio or veranda, or a front, back or side porch. In some cases, the buyer likes to set up the metal trellis in the middle of an open space, so that there are exit and entry spaces on both sides of it. This is sort of like supplementing an open space design with a pillar, except that you get a more open and airy look. It’s a modern and attractive way to make a home or other property seem more elegantly “dressed,” and there are many ways to position these trellis pieces for effect.

Wall Cladding: Exterior Placement

The art of cladding is done in many different countries and communities for several reasons. Cladding can actually change a building’s heating and cooling equation, and can also protect veneers from the effects of the sun.

The metal trellis represents a particular kind of exterior wall cladding that looks good on the façade of a building. This is another common way that our customers use these products to show off their properties. They may also use the patterned metal trellis with an additional layer of solid cladding – that more effectively insulates the building while still giving it that same exterior impression.

Yard and Garden Installations

If you've ever seen an outdoor sculpture garden, you'll understand this next common use for our metal trellises.

It's relatively easy to install these in the middle of a grassy area, or in your garden, or around some outdoor space like your fire pit or grilling station.

With the right design and placement, these installations look really great against your outdoor landscaping.

Talk to Coastal Metal Art and Design about how to get one or more of these versatile, eye-catching metal trellis designs for your property.

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