Professional Tips When Considering Hardscaping Elements

Professional Tips When Considering Hardscaping Elements

Landscaping has evolved to include the addition of non-vegetation elements that add visual purpose and interest. This landscaping genre is referred to as ‘hardscaping’, and it consists of a myriad of objects, structures, and more. Your creativity and budget are the only limits to how you incorporate structural interest and design into your yard with hardscaping.

When you want to introduce hardscape into your landscape, keep these professional tips in mind.

Finding Balance

Balance is an integral component of any interior or exterior design. As you consider your property and how you want to introduce exciting elements, consider how the design ideas will affect the balance of your landscaping. Hardscaping should add to your enjoyment of your yard, not take away from it.

Too much distraction can negatively affect your area, so remember to give your landscape ample breathing room when introducing hardscape elements.

Professional Vs. DIY Design

The hardscape level you wish to install in your yard will determine the need for professional installation. Some decking, paving, and some water features will all need to be professionally built. Other elements may be fit for a ‘DIY’ project depending on your skillset and the complexity of the project. Once you’ve selected a project and sketched out your idea, you should be able to decide the best route forward.

Art And Functional Elements

Some hardscape designs are purely intended to add elements of art into the landscape design. Garden statues and fountains can enhance the beauty of any yard by solely adding artistic visual interest.

Other elements that create visual interest and functional design can also be included in the landscape. Metal privacy screens and panels allow for the beautiful designation of spaces in yards. These elements can easily blend into any landscape and serve as a functional element as well.

Drainage Considerations

Before you construct hardscapes in your yard, consider how the structure may affect your yard’s drainage. Conduct a study of your property and understand how water flows naturally away from your home. When you build forms, you must make allowances for drainage to prevent the backup of surface water.

Water Features

Ponds, fountains, and other water features can bring tranquility and focal points to your landscape. If you are designing a pond, remember to consider your yard’s natural drainage before choosing a place to build. Water features can be designed to recycle water so that the installations do not place an extra burden on your utility bills.

Design That Is Your Own

The most important aspect of hardscape design is that you reflect your style. Your home and property are your sanctuaries; make it a place where you feel your best.

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