Transform Your Yard With A Metal Privacy Trellis!

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Transform Your Yard With A Metal Privacy Trellis!

What value can a Metal Privacy Trellis bring into your backyard garden?

A Metal Privacy Trellis offers excellent support for climbing plants in your garden. But beyond this, it can also be used to beautifully decorate and divide your garden or outdoor environment.

Turn Your Garden Into A Private Escape

You’ll need privacy at some point, for one of a variety of reasons.
While many people install their privacy screens around the pool, outdoor kitchen, or other areas, some just prefer to reserve a certain part of the garden for solitude and tranquility. 

Our Metal Privacy Trellises can increase the functionality of your garden while also enhancing the overall look of your outdoor space. In one fell swoop, you’re getting a shot at style and practicality combined.

Your Privacy Trellis can also be used to hide unpleasant sights or spaces away so they don’t become a sort of an eyesore.
While they’ll still excellently support flowers and other climbing plants, metal privacy screens will successfully hide the presence of trash bins, air conditioners, and just about any other thing or area you want to conceal.

Multiple Trellises Can Enclose Larger Spaces

You may want to enclose a large space in the yard or around the home. This can easily be done by placing several privacy trellises together. If you’re planning to enclose a large space or create a sort of closed environment, you’ll find our privacy trellis screens very suitable for this purpose as well.

Metal Trellises Are Sturdier And More Durable.

You probably know already that privacy trellises can be made from wood, vinyl, and other materials. However, when used as a metal trellis or to fill some other roles in your garden, they offer greater value because of their greater durability as a result of the greater strength.

They are sturdier and are usually very firmly held in place. Metal is able to withstand the elements as well and are likely to last a very long time.


Many people will install a metal privacy trellis  for the support it offers climbing plants, some for the simple beauty of it, while many others need it for the privacy and security advantage. Regardless, these trellises are still the best if you want a screen that will tick all of the boxes at the right place.

If you want all of the advantages that comes with metal privacy screens without any compromise with style and aesthetics, you can consider checking out our collection of some beautifully designed screens at Coastal Metal Art.

We have a wide range of privacy and yard trellis panels from which we’re highly hopeful you’ll find one that will add that unique charm and character to your outdoor space.

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