Trends in Coastal Design

Trends in Coastal Design


Coastal design is all about mixing a variety of styles and palates. It is incredibly eclectic and knows no boundaries as far as the eye can see, or should I say sea. One thing has always been for sure. These styles complement your surroundings in both the aesthetic and environmental sense, essentially bringing you closer to nature and the universe; insert individual belief. Here are some popular trends for coastal homes.

Dark like the Storm

Residents in coastal towns have quickly adopted color palates that are cooler and moodier. Many homeowners have swiftly shifted to dark woods, greyish-beige walls, and the always eclectic mix of varying decor, including modern and antique styles. Like the hurricanes and tropical impressions they reflect, rugged designs are sure to storm the design world. Dark walls and floors reflect the ocean's hues at night, stormy seas and skies dance off the walls in a coastal home highlighting work done by Coastal Metal Art and Design

Find a Theme

When looking for a theme for your beach house or home, evoke styles that bring calm and serene to mind. Beach and coastal design are not hard to imitate. Whether it be nautical styles like ropes, anchors, ships, or mermaids, find a theme that matches your beachy lifestyle. Surfboards, whimsical styles displaying sunglasses, beach hats, or flip-flops are all excellent choices.  Distressed wood and furniture and white-washed floors are also fantastic. Seafaring themes never go out of style with anchors, flags, and blue and white nautical pillows. 

Minimalist is Best

An excellent way to balance out contemporary design is to add elements of wood and nature. In the kitchen, continue the minimalist trend by combining wood and stainless steel. Exposed beams and an earthy wood floor make a great combination. Add a beachy centerpiece for a room that is lacking that water-themed punch. Opt for ocean-inspired artwork or a blue and white nautical piece. Add texture, like driftwood featured on the wall, or mix it up with salt and water pieces. Sleek lines and bold textures combine for a beach-themed life sure to please any ocean enthusiast. 

Make it Yours

It's never too late to get into the beachy feel! Even if your home is miles from the ocean, draw strength in tranquility by making your house irresistibly serene like the sea. For more information on style and art for your beach home, visit Coastal Metal Art and Design.

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