Colonia Privacy Screen/Trellis

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Colonia Metal Trellis/Privacy Screen

Completely transform your home or landscape with a metal privacy screen. A metal privacy screen can serve many functions throughout your residence while providing a modern decoration and style.

The Colonia metal trellis/privacy screen can add privacy and conceal many different areas. Are you sick of eyesores around the yard? The neighbors trashy lawn driving you crazy? The Colonia panel, when used as a metal privacy screen can help conceal those areas and more. Many customers use the panel to block out rubbish around their yards as well.

The privacy screen can conceal garbage cans, electrical panels, burn piles, etc. Several panels can be arranged around your sitting area to ward off prying eyes while adding comfort and coverage.

The Colonia metal panel has the perfect blend of black/white space. This is perfect for anyone that doesn't want a complete "blackout" of an area but prefers a little visibility. The beautiful pattern will make your designated location stand out in a good way. 

The Colonia panel can easily be used as a lawn/garden trellis. By adding ground stakes, you'll have the ability to plant the trellis in any desired location. This artistic panel is durable and will easily support climbing plants.

Additionally, we can add holes and standoff spacers can be ordered for wall mounting. Powder coating can be purchased for outdoor use.

Have questions? If so please send us an email at and well respond with more information in a timely manner. Please keep in mind that all standard shop sizes include Free Shipping.




• These Metal Trellis Designs have several uses!

1. Free-Standing Metal Trellis (With Ground Stakes)

- Ideal for gardens, yard art, flower beds, lawns, and vine growth.

2. Wall Art (We can add holes upon request)

- Ideal for mounting on brick homes, walls, concrete, wood and other areas for decoration.

3. Privacy Screen (With Ground Stakes)

- Ideal for those who want to add a little privacy and style to their outdoor setting.

*** Size: Please contact me if resizing is needed. Prices vary based on size. 

Standard Sizes: Dimensions (inches) 60X26 - 55X26 - 47X24 - 37X19

Material : Steel

Thickness: 14 Gauge

Paint: No 

All Products Made-To-Order


* Powder Coating can be selected in the drop down menu when adding your panel. If powder coating isn't added, the panel will be delivered in a natural steel with no finish. All powder coating has added UV and rust protection. The price is $90 flat rate per panel.

* Please add the appropriate powder coating quantity in relation to the number of panels ordered in the drop down menu while adding to cart.

Example: Two panels are added to cart, then underneath, select two powder coat quantities (one for each panel)

* Please allow 2-3 weeks processing for most powder coated orders. Processing time may vary depending on quantity ordered. The panels are sandblasted and powder coated locally.

* If you would like to apply a finish yourself, it is recommended to use rust resistant Krylon or Rustoleum. These provide quality protection and can be purchased at most major hardware stores for a few dollars a can.

* We can not offer refunds for powder coated products. The powder coating is completed via third party and we do not currently offer a warranty for powder coating.