Easy Ways to Re-Decorate Your Living Room

Easy Ways to Re-Decorate Your Living Room

Your living room is probably the central hub of activity in your home, aside from the kitchen. Over time, this room can look a little bit too worn in, so it's fun to decorate with new designs. If you are eager to restyle your living room and give it a unique flair, we have a few simple tips for you to easily re-decorate.

1) Add new lighting

Adding new lighting to your living room can completely change your outlook on the space. Consider adding a light to a previously darkened section of the living room. Spruce up your space by adding candles or LED flameless candle lights to give it a nice ambiance. If you are trying to work within a limited budget, consider switching around the lamps you have in the home. Bring a bedroom lamp into the living room and vice versa. 

2) Give your room some art

Including art into your living room decor gives your space a much-needed boost and personality. You don't need to be an art expert to figure out what works for you.  Our customers have a unique way of displaying our art in their homes. Bring in family mementos and frame new photographs. These displays can be added art to your home and even be part of the stories you tell your guests. 

3) Get furniture pieces that double as storage.

If clutter is what brings your living room down, it's time to double up on the storage items. A great way to get extra storage to a limited space is by choosing furniture pieces that double as storage items. Baskets can also be great storage and art piece to add to your living room.

4) Change up the throw pillows

Throw pillows are probably a feature in your living room. It's easy to change up your throw pillows covers if you have them on hand. Get new throw pillows and dare yourself to choose a splashy, fun design. Consider working the rest of your living room's design around it.

5) Add in rugs

You don't need a hardwood floor to enjoy rugs in your living room. Rugs are a great way of adding color. So select an area rug that shows off your personality and be sure you can machine wash it. 

This just scratches the surface of decor ideas, but this is a great way to get started when re-decorating. Make it easy on yourself and do small touches here and there. You'd be surprised at the difference these changes make in your living room.

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