Custom Metal Panels

Custom Metal Panels

Many of our customers want specific sizes, new or modified designs. A custom metal panel is designed for your specific need or interest. It also gives your product more meaning and adds sentimental value, especially if it's being presented as a gift!

Most of our panels can be modified to fit, smaller doors, cabinets, windows and other areas. 


*** Please Note

-- Customization includes resizing, painting, new designs, and adding holes. We don't fabricate frames, add brackets, or perform heavy fabrication. 

-- Large sizes, especially sizes that exceed our largest metal panel sizes can result in higher UPS shipping prices.

-- We can customize most designs, however not all designs can be customized. Extremely detailed designs may not be suitable for our machine. We will go over this with you in further detail if necessary. 


If you're ready to move forward, simply send us a description of what you're looking for at You can also chat with us live, using the tab on the bottom of the page.  Be sure to include a picture (if available), dimensions, and anything else that you would like included in your custom metal panel.

We will respond as quickly as possible with a quote.