Metal Trellises Used As Artistic Wall Panels

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Metal Trellises Used As Artistic Wall Panels

Metal Trellises have many uses and believe it or not, they can be used as Artistic Wall Panels for decoration.

With many benefits in your garden and home that include a range of areas. First, it can be used as a form of support for climbing plants so they can thrive. Also, it may help as an outdoor privacy screen to shield a section of your garden or outdoor space from others. But that’s not all; a metal trellis can also function as a beautiful artistic wall panel on your garden fence or indoor space, all thanks to its visual appeal and aesthetic property.

Brief History of Trellises

The Trellis has been popular since ancient times and it dates back to the Romans.
However, the most interesting part of the trellis history has to do with the French king, Louis XIV, the Sun King himself. Andre Le Notre, the illustrious landscape architect, was commissioned by King Louis XIV to design the elaborate garden of Versailles. Now, King Louis XIV is popular for a lot of things. His high taste and sophistication are second to none.

LeNotre designed the garden with trellises that were made to look very beautiful and appealing even when they were not offering support for vines or plants. This added a lot of elegance and beauty to the Versailles garden which till today is still considered one of the grandest and finest gardens in France. This emphasis on trellis sparked a revolution and today, landscape architects and garden designers around the world now use it in gardens and facades for the sheer beauty of it.

Metal Trellis Enhances Style & Aesthetics

Adding a trellis to your garden is a simple way to spruce up the outdoor area for more visual appeal. Compared to traditional fencing, a trellis is more stylish and aesthetically pleasing. A trellis can easily transform your garden and make your home’s exterior as beautiful as the interior.

Trellises Can Help Beautify Unsightly Areas

Perhaps there’s an area of your garden you're not very fond of.
Maybe the section contains unsightly items or just any dent you’d like to conceal, a trellis can be easily used to turn this unpleasant section to a striking and appealing sight.
Trellises can be used to conceal air conditioners, trash bins, and just about anything and area you want hidden.

Metal Trellises Offer Better Value

Trellises can be made from several other materials aside from metal; however, a metal trellis offers the greatest advantage among most other types. Aside from being very strong and sturdy and having a greater guarantee of durability, metal trellises can often be designed with greater flexibility.

When looking for an artistic wall panel, you want something that will truly complement your indoor/outdoor space and possibly reflect your own taste and sophistication, with our steel panels, your options in design is virtually unlimited.

Final thoughts


Trellises are perfect for outdoor privacy screen use as well as Artistic Wall Panels. Our collection of metal trellises at Coastal Metal Art & Design are designed with both elegance and appeal in mind and they’ll easily beautify even the most unsightly of spaces. You’re also getting additional value since our steel trellises will last much longer than other types. 
Whether you’re adding privacy to your space, enhancing the indoor appeal, or providing support for vines, and plant, our trellis panels tick the boxes in the right place and will fit in for a variety of uses.

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