The Power of CNC Plasma Cutting

The Power of CNC Plasma Cutting

Here at Coastal Metal Art and Design, we enjoy creating neat geometric shapes, figures, and modern designs that look great on your doors and windows, in your entryways and verandas, or anywhere else on your property.

The engine of our shop is our CNC plasma cutting machine, where we can translate our creative ideas into concrete, tangible results. It’s at the heart of what we do, and we shelled out some good money for it. 

So why is this a big deal?

The History of Metalworking

It's important to remember that for many centuries, people made wrought iron and metal designs mostly by molding and forging. In other words, you had to take the metal and work it up into shapes at extremely high temperatures. This took a tremendous amount of work, a lot of time, and, for the era, significant financial resources. 

Why are there so many people named “Smith?” Because in these relatively primitive times, metalworking required an enormous number of professional blacksmiths standing at forges and banging on things with hammers.

Thankfully, that hammer and anvil age is behind us now. (We’d have to buy a lot of stuff for sore muscles!) The CNC plasma cutting machine takes a sheet of metal and cleanly and consistently cuts it into the shapes that you need, without any banging, molding, or heavy and hot hand-work, or the potential to spill hot metal, which can be abundantly unsafe. 

Elegant Creations

By taking away that labor-intensive process of molding and shaping metal, and outsourcing it to a powerful and intricate machine, you get the ability to create detailed masterpieces that are still affordable to a greater number of property owners. You're not going to be able to get hand-crafted wrought iron on a budget – you’ll pay an arm and a leg! -  but you can get stunning crafted pieces from us at reasonable prices. Again, that's because of the power that is in our investment in CNC plasma cutting.

Look, we’re excited about this and we like to talk about it. We also like to show off our catalog online, so take a minute to check out our website and you'll probably see something you want. Use a simple modern e-commerce portal to get your own crafted panels to enhance your property from Coastal Metal Art and Design. We love to create these decorative yet functional pieces for sprucing up any interior or exterior space. Check us out!

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