Three Stunning Metal Art Designs for Outdoor Gardens and Patios

Three Stunning Metal Art Designs for Outdoor Gardens and Patios

At Coastal Metal Art & Design, we have a vast collection of elegant-looking crafted metal panel and trellis designs.

There are many different uses for these products around your property. Some of them look great installed around a spiral staircase, or as a banister for lofts or mezzanines, where others are installed outdoors in yards or other exterior spaces. The possibilities are practically endless, and you get the excellent craftsmanship provided by our CNC machining processes – with our signature style attached!

Some of our designs really lend themselves to placement on a patio, deck or around the exterior of the property. Take a look at these options for dressing up your outdoor space to impress visitors and improve your use of your property. 

The Cozumel Panel Design

The Cozumel metal crafted panel design is a popular one with customers who are going to be installing these panels outside. The large broad-leaf designs create a pretty good privacy barrier, and a unique jungle type of look for outdoor areas.

The Sotara Panel Design

Our Sotara design is another special metal panel engineered pattern that complements the look of a natural outdoor space.

With a fan-like repeating pattern, the Sotara panel involves shapes that call to mind the contours of river rocks, a smoothly gliding pattern that can enhance a patio or deck space, or some type of outdoor alcove. Some of our customers also install these in a series as privacy screens for a particular part of the exterior. Some have told us that this particular style has a kind of “calming” effect – or that adding some of these panels has been great for staging a property!

The Everglades Panel – A Best-Seller

This is another one that sells fairly well for exterior placement. One way to describe the Everglades panel is that it looks like a series of hills built on top of one another. You might think of some of the rolling terrace imagery you'll see in a magazine like National Geographic, or the stylized graphic designs of young artists producing pastoral imagery.

Get any of these great designs and many others on our website. We have various kinds of geometric and modern art designs as well, and different patterns you can choose from. Check the web site for pricing and delivery details and more. We want to help you to show off your property in style! Be sure to look for available discounts and offers to make it easier for you to get what you need from a top design firm. 

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