Whatever Suits Your Fancy!

Whatever Suits Your Fancy!

How about a nice metal trellis? At Coastal Metal Art & Design, we've been selling our metal designs for quite a while, to all sorts of homeowners and property owners who want to dress up their real estate with attractive ornamental fixtures.

These metal pieces are really versatile. Made out of .14 Gauge American Steel, they are durable and long-lasting, and because of their portable and modular build, they’re useful in home decoration in very many different ways.

Metal Trellis Designs

You choose what kind of look you want – we have nice-looking leaf pattern designs, as well as more geometric and angular panels for that modern artistic look. We have “weathervane” designs that hearken back to the old days…

When you look at what's in our catalog, you'll see how a lot of these metal designs evoke the style of outdoor sculpturing, which makes them really nice for gardens or verandas, patios or front yards, etc.

Trellis Placement

Here's another big choice that buyers have in installing these metal designs around a home or other property: where you put these fixtures makes a difference.

Using these metal trellis fixtures in a modular way, you can create nice rings or gates or other structures that have to do with using open space. On our website, you'll see how some customers line up these items in a ring with open space in between each one. The placement of our metal trellis products is a big component of the finished result and how they look on your property.

Adding to Your Metal Trellis Designs

Some of our customers really like to get creative.

We've seen these designs used with a solid color or pattern tapestry backdrops or painted in bright colors. We already have a natural finish that we've put on these, but painting is entirely up to the buyer's discretion.

Those with a real flair for interior design or really specific style preferences may want to create their own artistic installations this way, and that's another way to really improve the look of your property with just a minor investment in a high-quality metal ornamental piece. 

You can see more on our site, and get answers to questions about delivery and more. Learn more about how we use CNC plasma cut technology to turn out nice, durable trellis products that will look good on your property for many years. Look at how to get free shipping and a 30-day moneyback guarantee on these Made in the USA purchases. You won’t be disappointed!

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