Metal Trellis & Privacy Screens



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We have many Metal Trellis and Privacy Screens available in several styles. Three size options of your choice and the ability to add ground stakes if desired. These panels are perfect for vine growth, wall art, privacy, gardens, etc.


HOLES - Added upon request in order message.

GROUND STAKE - Option available.

CUSTOM - Please contact me if custom sizes are is needed. We will be happy to work with you if possible.



Metal Garden Trellis


***Please Note The Following - 

Ground Stakes For Metal Trellis/Privacy Screens - The 1/2" solid steel ground stakes are welded to the backside of the panel in a fixed position. You may notice a small "heat spot" on the front of the panel, opposite of the tack weld.

This ensures that the weld has penetrated the steel and that the stakes will not break off. We try to keep these heat spots to a minimum but they aren't completely avoidable. This is rarely an issue but feel it should be addressed.


Standoff Spacers Sold Separately

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