Most Popular Design Styles You Can Use To Create Your Perfect Metal Screens

Most Popular Design Styles You Can Use To Create Your Perfect Metal Screens

Metal wall art, privacy screens, and trellises provide extraordinary beauty to the indoor and outdoor spaces of homes and commercial properties. Used in various applications, these decorative metal screens offer homeowners the ability to create unique focal points to their homes while fulfilling an array of needs.

Deciding to add metal screens to your home or property is only the beginning. You will need to choose from an almost endless selection of design ideas that complement your personal style as well as the architecture of your home. To help you narrow down your choice of design styles for your metal screen, consider these most popular genres when determining what will work best for your needs.

Natural Elements

Bringing nature’s beauty and serenity into your metal screen design will increase your space’s harmony with its natural surroundings. Natural elements can include the foliage of palm trees, tropical flowers, enchanting oaks, and other aspects that are inspired by nature. Natural features can be perfect for screens offering privacy for fire pits or pools where you want your screens to blend in with the landscape while providing attractive privacy options.

Art Deco

Art Deco’s iconic shapes hit the scene before World War I and were the primary source of inspiration for architecture and design elements of the time. Art Deco has continued to find its way into today’s homes and businesses as its modern lines and patterns lend a nostalgic vibe to homes’ interior and exterior spaces. The geometric shapes and craftsman-style elements of Art Deco-designed metal screens provide a clean and classic look for wall art and privacy screens.


Modern design boasts clean lines and repeating geometric shapes. Modern design is a perfect complement to almost any home or property style from distinct geometric shapes, intricate geometric patterns, and clean-lined bold objects. Current patterns that resemble a kaleidoscope add interest and intrigue to gardens and outdoor settings, creating an up-to-date feel that can establish as little or as much privacy as you require.

Custom Design

Fortunately, you can draw upon these popular design genres’ aspects to create a truly unique custom design for your metal screens. Implementing various elements or other formats into your custom piece can give you a look and feel you want from your screens. Consider adding personal touches such as family crests or initials, scenes of landscapes you love, or even patterns you design inspired by elements from around your property. Whatever you choose to incorporate, you can be sure your pieces will be one of a kind.

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