Laguna Metal Trellis/Privacy Screen

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Laguna Metal Trellis/Privacy Screen

The Laguna Privacy Screen/Metal Trellis is a simple, yet attractive design that can be used as a basic privacy screen or garden trellis. A privacy screen has many uses, depending on your needs. The panel can be used to hide unattractive areas of your yard that might not be as appealing as you wish. The Laguna Privacy Screen can make these areas less noticeable and more attractive. 

The Laguna Privacy Screen/Metal Trellis also makes a wonderful free standing  garden trellis. We can add ground stakes upon request that will transform your garden or lawn and give plants the support they need.

We use 14 Gauge steel, the perfect medium duty metal. Your panel will be cut on our CNC machine. We then grind down any rough edges before it's shipped.

Many of our customers have transformed these screens into wall panels, yard art, door panels and more! Our standard sizes come in three separate dimensions, although we will gladly discuss custom dimensions. (Shown Below) Please be aware that custom larger panels may require freight shipping, we will discuss that with you in further detail.

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• These Metal Trellis Designs have several uses!

1. Free-Standing Metal Trellis (With Ground Stakes)

- Ideal for gardens, yard art, flower beds, lawns, and vine growth.

2. Wall Art (We can add holes upon request)

- Ideal for mounting on brick homes, walls, concrete, wood and other areas for decoration.

3. Privacy Screen (With Ground Stakes)

- Ideal for those who want to add a little privacy and style to their outdoor setting.

*** Size: Please contact me if resizing is needed. Prices vary based on size. 

Standard Sizes: Dimensions (inches) 55X28 - 47X24 - 37X19

Material : Steel

Thickness: 14 Gauge

Paint: No (We can quote you a price for painting)

All Products Made-To-Order

Proudly Made In U.S.A