New York Metal Trellis/Privacy Screen

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New York Metal Trellis/Privacy Screen

Looking for a unique metal wall trellis? The New York panel can add a modern style to any surface. Holes can be added upon request and standoff spacers are available in steel or aluminum for your convenience.

A metal wall trellis is a great option for upscale homes and landscapes. The panel looks great against brick, wood, stone, etc. It can be used as stand alone art or as a sturdy decorative structure for climbing plants. Many of our customers choose to backlight the panels, making for a glorious scene when the sunsets.

The metal panels can also be placed around sitting and lounge areas, providing a sense of privacy and comfort. By choosing the ground stake option, you'll give the panels a free standing capability. In fact, a large number of our customers have created portable "privacy fence" like structures, a great way to shield yourself from nosey neighbors. 

If you have any questions, please send us a direct message using the tab below. You can also email us at and we'll be happy to assist you. 





• These Metal Trellis Designs have several uses!

1. Free-Standing Metal Trellis (With Ground Stakes)

- Ideal for gardens, yard art, flower beds, lawns, and vine growth.

2. Wall Art (We can add holes upon request)

- Ideal for mounting on brick homes, walls, concrete, wood and other areas for decoration.

3. Privacy Screen (With Ground Stakes)

- Ideal for those who want to add a little privacy and style to their outdoor setting.

*** Size: Please contact me if resizing is needed. Prices vary based on size. 

Standard Sizes: Dimensions (inches) 52X26 - 48X24 - 36X18

Material : Steel

Thickness: 14 Gauge

Paint: No (We can quote you a price for painting) 

All Products Made-To-Order

Proudly Made In U.S.A

The steel is not finished or coated unless requested, if exposed to moisture the natural steel will produce a rustic patina over time. The price for painting or powder coat is listed below:

$90 Flat Rate Per Screen

We don't match specific or hard to find colors. If you would like to move forward, we will then send a custom invoice with the charge included. Many choose to paint the screens themselves. If this is desired, rust resistant paint can be picked up at any major store including Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, or ordered online for usually a few dollars a can. Rustoleum or Krylon brand is the recommended choices for do-it-yourself painting.

Ground Stakes: The 1/2" solid steel ground stakes are welded to the backside of the panel in a fixed position. You may notice a small "heat spot" on the front of the panel, opposite of the tack weld. This ensures that the weld has penetrated the steel and that the stakes will not break off. We try to keep these heat spots to a minimum but they aren't completely avoidable. This is rarely an issue but I feel it should be addressed.